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  1. Yanga

    Good day

    We are struggling to check our status. We went to nsfas website and then on mynsfas then put in email address then password but when we press sign in , it does not go any further. Pls help.


  2. Busisiwe

    How long does take nsfas to approve do they give us feedback if is approved?

  3. Mafanti THOLOANA

    I lost all my details of nsfas nd i can’t get messages and fund bcz i cant reach messages so when i apply again it says i have a profile so what can i do please help

    Thank in advance

  4. Sharon

    I want to know on how to send the missing documents to my nsfas ?

  5. Monica

    Attackers are trying to steal my information for applying nsfas and I create another email but still the website tell me about the attackers that are trying to steal me I don’t know how to do now pls help me

  6. Nokwazi Asanda khumalo

    Hy how long does it take for NSFAs approve

  7. Mahlatse

    I have lost the number and email that I have applied nsfas with so what must I do to apply again

  8. Hlengiwe

    I need a help I’ve been lost my reference number so I don’t know how can I find it



  10. John Kawa

    I have forgotten my username and password for my NSFAS account.i also wand to know if my NSFAS has been approved.please help

  11. Peggy

    I can’t even access the website and closing date is soon

  12. Nothando Mthethwa

    Dear sir /Madum i just want to know how long does it take to approve?

  13. Zukhanye

    I want to. Update my NSFAS but it’s shows that my Name or Surname is not matched with my I’d number

  14. Zukhanye Ntsukumbini

    My NSFAS can’t updated for 2022 it’s shows that my Name or Surname not matched with my I’d no 0110245919086

  15. Zakithi ncane masinga

    I have problem I lost my details password , email address and I need to apply for nsfas what can I do

  16. Sathekge Mosibudi

    I dnt hve both parents am living with my guardian and we only depend on the grant there’s no one working in my family so i was pleading so that you could help me with financial assistance so that i could take my studies further 💔

  17. Kwenzokuhle Thandi

    I have both parent but they are both not working so I don’t have any money to go at tertiary education I am pleading that u can help me with financial assistance so that I could take my studies further

  18. Nandipha Masina

    Hi plzzzz help me my username ad my password are not matching I change more than 10 plzzz hepl me tomorrow. I must submit

  19. Noxolo

    I ask for help to Nsfas i ask Nsfas to assit me in the tertiary fees because my care is taken by my grandmother so my grandmother is a pensioner she can’t afford to pay me fees

  20. Noxolo

    I ask for help to Nsfas i ask Nsfas to assit me in the tertiary fees because my care is taken by my grandmother so my grandmother is a pensioner she can’t afford to pay me fees

  21. Ziyanda

    I’m struggling on how to apply I don’t understand why it said that my e mail address is captured so I must use the other one, which is the other one?


    I have been trying to check my status but the system doesn’t allow me to go any further please help

  23. Nkweng mokgosana piet

    Hi my name is nkweng mokgosana piet
    I have been strangling to upload my document can u pls give me chance to upload it pls

  24. Thobeka

    Hi I can’t log in to my nsfas account it’s keep on saying my internet is not private,what should I do

  25. Esmeralda Santapaga

    I applied, attached all documents, docents showed it was received and now my application is unsuccessful because of missing documents? Could anyone explain this please as I need to register for my studies and the day before registration closes you inform me my application is unsuccessful?!

  26. Esmeralda Santapaga

    I applied, attached all documents, documents showed it was received and now my application is unsuccessful because of missing documents? Could anyone explain this please as I need to register for my studies and the day before registration closes you inform me my application is unsuccessful?!


    i got nsfas aproved last year i didnt got space to stady last year2021 now i got school is my nsfas still on to use this year or i must apply for new one i got ref no can u please assist.0AC1202011191931841

  28. Andile handsome

    I ask for help to nsfas to assist me on my payments with nsfas that why I applied for the nsfas to help me with everything I need in school payments

  29. Tshidiso

    I apply NSFAS in 2020 for 2021 so I ddnt got accepted to school until now being in a waiting list at university of Limpopo, so now i tried to reapply for 2022 when i login, it keep saying my username is already activated please help me to reapply

  30. Linda Ngwenya

    Good day where can I find the Nsfas offices in Johannesburg to submit my acceptance letter from University?

  31. Siphelele

    I’m struggling to track my nsfas status,I logged in but it only shows my deatails

  32. Akhil

    How do I knw wen I am approved.i need NSFAS..as my parents have no money.
    Please let me know how will I knw wen I am approved
    Thank you.

  33. Asive

    I didn’t receive my refrence number how can I find it

  34. Owethu S Ngqupaza

    I’m struggling to see if I’m approved I need to upload the nsfas status to the accommodation application but it doesn’t show the status please help.

  35. Nozibusiso Phumzile Buthelezi

    Hi,I’m still waiting for my references number since 12 November 2021 not yet received.I tryed to change my
    cell number& email…The problem I am stressed because they are closing at the 1 February to my collage.

  36. Kholodelo

    How can I see that my nsfas is approved or not?

    Bcz my account does no longer allowing me to check my application status

  37. Olebogeng Gregory

    I am still waiting for my reference number since November 2021

  38. Nolithando Gumede

    I have a problem, my status changed to unsuccessful reason I don’t meet academic requirements while I excelled in all my modules. Last year I was doing higher certificate in administration now I’m accepted for B’admin extended program. What must I do?

  39. Gomolemo Mekoa

    Good day. I wish to find out if my application was approved. Where and how do I get this information?

  40. Zinhle Zwane

    Hi I am struggling to check my NSFAS application status when I log in it does not give an option to track application. How can I know if it’s approved or not?

  41. Anonymous

    Im i still able to apply even though January has passed?

  42. Simamkele Dyani

    Im checking my status I log in but I doesn’t open

  43. Tshishonga mulalo

    I’m checking my status …when I try to log in it doesn’t open

  44. Lutho Ndameni

    I applied using manual and i have not received my reference number and the reason why ii applied manually is because when i apply online it says existing application and otp is sent to a number and email that i do not know

  45. Andile Olwethu Maphalala

    How do check my nsfas approval

  46. N.N

    Hii I’m trying to log in it doesn’t go through I have an admission letter so what must I do because now I have to register

  47. Sakhile

    Please help after login the process doesn’t continue I wanna appeal

  48. Promise

    I can’t check weather my nsfas is approved or not please help me

  49. Tinyiko

    Good day, my nsfas account is blocked how do I reset and cancel my applications since I was unable to find space in universties

  50. Lesedi

    Good Day
    I have registered at Wits, but didn’t receive any reply from NSFAS, and whether my application is approved or rejected.

  51. Noxolo

    I’m noxolo gogela I want to know that my nsfas is approved

  52. Wezile Mvelase

    Im confused about my application for nsfas I have applied for it after a long time but when I’m too register in varsity I found that I’m not coded to nsfas

  53. Sarah

    Will nsfas still fund me if I failed 2 subjects on my second year

  54. Joyce Khoza

    hi my name is Joyce khoza id number 0307230541087 i have a problem my application is rejected so i want to appeal my application
    with regards

  55. Sanelisiwe danisa

    I applied last year for nasfas to fund I was approved I waited for proof of registration on a collage that I registered on it didn’t come back n I didn’t attend any class I didn’t deregister I didn’t take any money comes from nasfas I want to know if nasfas can still fund me this year?

  56. Manthata

    I wasn’t cleared out at the institution i applied for so im not able to register can you please help me with this issue ASAP

  57. Asanda Angel ndlovu

    I would like to nkow about my reference number

  58. Kebarileng Julia Sebolediso

    I had changed my email address and numbers since I’ve lost the ones I was using before, I received a li k saying they are still processing my details I’ll receive a link to create new password it’s been a month now and I can’t track my status

  59. Nqobile

    I don’t understand honestly. Poor people like us are trying to make things right in this country for our parent’s who were never given an opportunity because of apartheid . What’s is so difficult about accessing someone’s information and getting back to them within 60 year’s. I lost my phone and I’ve been waiting for a get back to me about my status since I’ve been waiting and worse part people are busy applying for the second semester. The government must intervene please .

  60. Mpho

    Good day Please assist it’s been 4 weeks now I can’t track my status and I don’t what’s happening and the closing of Unisa registration is 17 February im frustrated pl help.

  61. Mamello

    I’ve been trying to check my Nsfas status but i struggle please help

  62. Mandisinde

    I was funded by nsfas last year i want to know if will funded me in this year .

  63. Kornelia

    I forgot my nsfas password now when I enter my ID number it says the profile does not exist

  64. Sibusiso

    I have forgotten my iwallet password and also falling to create my student portal don’t know how can i reset may password for iwallet

  65. Sinethemba Nxele

    I want to know my if I’m funded by Nsfas for 2022

  66. Sanel

    I wanna check if nsfas has funded me. Or not but i can’t access. To. That

  67. Phokate

    I will like to know after how long will I know that Nsfas has danced me.

  68. Keabetswe

    I have been trying to appeal the system does not allow me to upload supporting documents

  69. Nothando Phindile Myeni

    I have applied to register to two institutions University of Free States and Tshwane university of Technology but I end up going to Tshwane university of Technology in 2021 .I just found out that my tuition fees in Tshwane university of Technology were not paid and I can’t register because I am owing the institution …can you please pays my tuition fees in Tshwane university of Technology not University of Free States.

  70. Slindokuhle

    I want to how long does it take to send a code to institution because my status says funding eligible but without admission.

  71. Lindokuhle Ntombela


    Please 🙏 help me kindly I didn’t apply for nsfas because I was try to applying NY self but some section was give the problem and I was late. So please fund me with nsfas quick because I get the intitution but I don’t have a money to register because I don’t have nsfas and I didn’t have money to pay registration fees. I hope you understand my story and help me as we are all Africans..


    I can’t log on it doesn’t take my password I have tried to change it I was given a reference number and wait for sms or email massege but I didnt receive any thing

  73. Azanda

    My NSAF status is blank
    What doea this mean can someone please assist

  74. Eunice

    My appeal tab disappeared i have been checked it the whole week…What should i do in order to submit my documents

  75. Sithembiso Thipe

    I’ve been trying to cancel my NSFAS but i can’t seem to get it done, now I’m trying to access my account still with that I’m not winning It keeps on saying i must try again. i urgently need to cancel my account please assist.

  76. Catherine maema

    Hi I have been struggling to see my nfsas status can someone help me

  77. Senkosi nhlakanipho nxumalo

    My nsfas account deatals not able to submitted i don’t now why.

  78. Poseletso

    I have been struggling to get an OTP Pin since last year and I contacted the office several times…I number that I used is not working anymore and it rejected my email

  79. Mpimo Rikhotso

    I have problem with my nsfas when I tried to apply it says my I’d have already applied so and I have lost my account n password to log in please help

  80. Chulumanco

    I have been trying to check my appeal status but, it says my user profile is locked and to unlock I must change the password. I’m scared to do that. What does that mean? My fear is that my mother cannot afford university fees as my school fees are only restricted to one parent, my mother, and is not even married and her notch is below R350 000 per annum. my father is an absent father married to someone else. My mother is the only breadwinner at her home and has to support her siblings as well as they no longer have parents. I am afraid now as I’m already enrolled at Rhodes University. She struggled a lot to pay my Initial Fee Payment at Rhodes. I uploaded all the necessary documentation to NSFAS. Please help me out.
    Thank you

  81. Mihle

    i applied for Nsfas in 2020 and I lost the cellphone I was using on my application process and I even forgot we emai of the password I was using .I tried to apply but now some thing are sent to that number and email I was using .I’m in need of help

  82. Mautsie

    Hi ,i want to check my status but i canot log in

  83. Pretty

    Can nsfs fund me even if I’m married?my spouse work for the government

  84. Busisiwe Khowane

    I got the message stating that my declaration form is not clear, so I’m lost i don’t know which form are you talking about. Please assist .

  85. zibuyile sibiya

    I wish to how come Nsfas asking for declaration form when I read that declaration form says the child is an orphan while the affidavit submitted said parent are no where to be found ,we don’t have death certificate because we don’t know if are they still alive or dead

  86. Zanele

    I can’t see
    Anything when I’m clicking application progress to my NSFAS

  87. Pumza

    Good day l would like to know what happened to my allowance for 2019 l never got it and

  88. Lucky

    Mynsfas portal account has been hacked and locked since last month, I wasn’t able to update my number and email address 😢 how do I fix this 🤔

  89. Nompumelelo Busisiwe Fikile

    Dear Nsfas appeal
    I was waiting supplement now I passed please give me a finalize. I will be able study this year.

  90. Kholiswa

    When will Nsfas open for appeals again?…..Is it true that you don’t accept affidavit as a proof when you appeal?

  91. Sanele jobela

    I have been trying to find my student portal it can’t go through

  92. Noxolo Patience

    Good day
    Please help me to finalise my registration

  93. Nosiniko

    My eWallet password account is locked I tried several times to send an email but no response please help me

  94. Pontsho Mohlakoana

    How long does nsfas take to approve an appeal?

    I’ve passed but it says not funded. What might be the problem??

  95. Nothando Sibongile

    I want to submit my proof of guardianship but my nsfas don’t show me I’m successful or unsuccessful because today it my last day

  96. Nosipho Happiness Hlongwe

    I have been trying to contact nsfas regarding my eWallet account it requires an otp which I haven’t received. How can I be assisted because I have emailed them for a couple of time still no change

  97. Siboniso

    I want to reverse money from voucher to cash because I made 1 voucher with all money while we have to withdraw R1000 a day

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