Nsfas Unisa Allowances 2023

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nsfas unisa allowances 2023

nsfas unisa allowances 2023

nsfas unisa allowances 2022

The University of South Africa (Unisa) offers open and distance learning (ODL), which enables students to work toward their degrees, diplomas, and certifications utilising online tools and study materials made available by Unisa itself.  Some Unisa courses do, however, require students to participate in workshops and tutorials that are held away from their residences. Unisa is financially supported by NSFAS.
The distribution of NSFAS allowances to students varies because Unisa offers different type of instruction than other colleges do. Only Learning Materials Allowance and Living Allowance are given to Unisa students who are financed by NSFAS.
Based on the number of registered modules, the Learning Material Allowance is determined. In the following four modules, Unisa students will get R600 per module.

Additionally, from February to November every year, Unisa students who are enrolled in ten or more modules are given an incidental allowance of R290 each month. This R290 is meant to cover any little costs that these students may incur.

Your registration cost as well as your tuition will be covered by NSFAS.

NSFAS offers funding for Unisa student registration.

. The following applies if you are registering:

  • First-time NSFAS applicants: Please ensure that you are temporarily registered during Unisa’s registration period while waiting for NSFAS funding confirmation. If your NSFAS application is declined or delayed by the close of the registration period, you will be expected to find alternative funding before your registration will be activated.


  • Returning NSFAS students who were funded in the year before but have not yet completed their qualification: Please ensure that you are temporarily registered during Unisa’s registration period while waiting for NSFAS funding confirmation for the 2022 academic year.


  • Returning NSFAS students who received funding the year before, have been declined for funding for the next year and have appealed the decision: Please pay the minimum registration fee while you wait for the NSFAS appeal decision if you chose to do so.

So if your NSFAS application has been provisionally approved then you do not need to pay the minimum registration fee. Your registration will be automatically activated based on NSFAS funding confirmation received by Unisa.

All students funded by NSFAS who have paid the minimum registration amount to activate their registration will be refunded once NSFAS has confirmed successful processing of registration data to Unisa.

NSFAS Allowances 2022

Please take note of the below information with regards to the allowances for 2021.

1. Allowances for Private accommodation will take longer as the information provided needs to be verified.

2. Students who are receiving the Capped NSFAS funding (Those who were initially funded before 2018) will only receive their book allowance until we are able to determine their cost of study to pay out the balance.

The annual NSFAS allowance breakdown for 2021 is as follows:

Allowance Category Annual Amount Campus Months / Payments Self-Catered Res Catered Res Private Accommodation Home
Study Materials (Once off) R5 200.00 Stellenbosch & Tygerberg 1 R5 200.00 R5 200.00 R5 200.00 R5200.00
Accommodation (Max) R56 166.00 Stellenbosch 10 R5 617.00
Tygerberg 11 R5 106.00
Living Allowance R15 000.00 Stellenbosch 10 R1 500.00 R1 500.00 R1500.00
Tygerberg 11 R1 364.00 R1 364.00 R1364.00
Incidental Allowance R2 900.00 Stellenbosch 10 R290.00
R3 190.00 Tygerberg 11 R290.00
Travel R7 500.00 Stellenbosch 10 R750.00
Tygerberg 11 R682.00

Allowances are paid for 10 months (March to December) and 11 months (January to November) for Stellenbosch and Tygerberg students, respectively.


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