Can Nsfas Fund My Second Degree For 2024/2025

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Can Nsfas Fund My Second Degree For 2024/2025

Can Nsfas Fund My Second Degree For 2024/2025

Can NSFAS Fund My Second Degree for the 2024/2025 Academic Year:

Aspiring to pursue a second undergraduate degree is a commendable goal, but financing it can be a significant concern for many South African students. For those who have previously received funding from NSFAS, the question arises: Can NSFAS fund a second degree for the 2024/2025 academic year? This article has provided the current NSFAS policies on funding second degrees and discusses the available options for students seeking financial assistance.

Postgraduate diplomas, Honours degrees, Master’s degrees, and Ph.D. degrees generally do not qualify for funding under the NSFAS bursary program. Students aspiring to pursue postgraduate qualifications not covered by NSFAS should consider applying to the National Research Foundation for financial assistance.

As of September last year, NSFAS did not provide funding for second undergraduate degrees. However, policies and eligibility criteria may have changed over time. Therefore, it is important to consult the most recent information on the NSFAS website or contact NSFAS directly for the latest updates. In the meantime, students pursuing a second degree can explore alternative funding options, such as university financial aid, bursaries, scholarships, part-time employment, or bank loans. With perseverance and resourcefulness, financing a second degree can be a reality for many students.

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NSFAS Funding Policies: Focus on First-time Undergraduates

  • NSFAS primarily focuses on providing financial aid to first-time undergraduate students in need of financial support to further their education. As of September, NSFAS did not provide funding for second undergraduate degrees or qualifications. This policy aims to ensure that as many students as possible can access higher education for the first time.

Exceptions and Postgraduate Funding

While NSFAS may not fund second undergraduate degrees, there can be exceptions in certain cases, such as postgraduate qualifications. NSFAS may offer financial support for postgraduate studies in specific fields deemed critical to South Africa’s economic and social development. Examples include the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and some specialized Honours degrees. Always consult the most recent NSFAS guidelines and policies for up-to-date information on postgraduate funding opportunities.

Why Nsfas Does Not Provide Funding For Second Degree

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme primarily focuses on funding first-time undergraduate students in South Africa. The main reason for not providing funding for second degrees is the limited resources available to the organization. By concentrating its efforts on first-time students, NSFAS aims to maximize the number of individuals who can access higher education and reduce financial barriers to entry for as many students as possible.

Since the demand for financial assistance often exceeds the available resources, prioritizing first-time undergraduate students ensures that more people can benefit from the opportunity to pursue tertiary education. This approach helps promote social equity and economic development in the country by increasing access to education for those who might otherwise struggle to afford it.

Alternative Funding Options For Second Degree 2024/2025

If you are not eligible for NSFAS funding for your second degree, there are alternative funding options to consider:

  • University Financial Aid:

Some universities provide financial aid to students for second degrees based on merit or financial need. Check with your institution’s financial aid office for available opportunities and eligibility criteria.

  • Bursaries and Scholarships:

Various organizations, companies, and government departments offer bursaries and scholarships for students pursuing specific fields of study. Research available bursaries and scholarships related to your chosen field, and apply well ahead of the application deadlines.

  • Part-time Employment:

Some students opt for part-time work to fund their studies, either through on-campus jobs or off-campus opportunities. Balancing work and education can be challenging but may provide the financial support necessary to complete your second degree.

  • Bank Loans:

Another option is to take out a student loan from a bank or financial institution. While this option incurs debt, it can provide the necessary funding to complete your education. Be sure to compare loan terms, interest rates, and repayment options before committing to a loan.

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Contact Details Of Nsfas

NSFAS Contact Center:

  • Phone: 08000 67327 (toll-free)
  • Operating hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 AM – 5 PM (South African Standard Time)

Nsfas Email:

  • General inquiries:
  • Application inquiries:

Nsfas Postal Address:

  • Private Bag X1
  • Plumstead
  • 7801
  • South Africa

Physical Address:

  • 10 Brodie Road
  • House Vincent, 2nd Floor
  • Wynberg
  • Cape Town
  • 7700
  • South Africa

Hope The information given above has been useful to you. If you have any suggestions, kindly leave them on the comments section provided below. You can also visit the official website of Nsfas for more clarification.

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