Will Nsfas Pay My Registration Fee In 2024/2025

By | August 27, 2021

Will Nsfas Pay My Registration Fee In 2024/2025

Will Nsfas Pay My Registration Fee In 2024/2025

Will NSFAS Cover Your Registration Fee in 2024/2025? What to Expect:

The goal of NSFAS is to provide financial assistance to individuals who wish to pursue higher education but lack the means to do so. The bursary offers two distinct funding options, encompassing support for both university and TVET College students. The financial aid provided by NSFAS extends beyond merely covering tuition costs. However, only specific students qualify for this assistance. Eligible NSFAS beneficiaries can expect to receive support for tuition fees, accommodation expenses, transportation allowances, living allowances, book allowances, and incidental or personal care allowances.

Any applicant who meets the eligibility criteria is qualified to the receive the Nsfas funds not matter your background, sex, financial status or disability. However, it is essential to stay informed about any changes in policies or coverage that may arise in the future. To keep up-to-date with NSFAS news and announcements, regularly visit their website (www.nsfas.org.za), follow their social media channels, and contact your institution’s financial aid office for any specific information related to your program and institution.

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Who Qualifies To Receive Funds As Registration Fee From Nsfas In 2024/2025

Those who find themselves among the list of people below are eligible to receive Nsfas bursaries:

  • All South African citizens
  • All SASSA grant recipients qualifies for funding
  • Applicants whose combined household income is not more than R350 000 per annum
  • Person with disability: Combined household income must not be more than R600 000 per annum
  • Students who started studying before 2018 whose household income is not more than R122 000 per annum.

How Much Does Nsfas Give In 2024/2025

The amounts allocated for accommodation, living allowance, transportation, and learning materials vary depending on the institution a student attends. These amounts must be in accordance with the most recent guidelines approved by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).

University Students:

  • Accommodation
    As per the actual costs charged by the university (costs for private accommodation must not exceed costs for university residence)
  • Transport (up to 40 km from institution) R7 500 per annum
  • Living allowance R15, 000 per annum
  • Book allowances R5200 per annum
  • Incidental/personal care allowance R2900 per annum for students in catered residences

Tvet College Students:

  • Accommodation in an urban area R24,000 per annum
  • Accommodation in an peri-urban area R18,900 per annum
  • Accommodation in an rural area R15,750 per annum
  • Transport (up to 40 km from institution) R7,350 per annum
  • Transport R7000 per annum
  • Incidental/personal care allowance R2900 per annum

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Will Nsfas Pay My Registration Fee In 2024/2025

All eligible students who have been approved for National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) funding can register for the 2024 academic year without the need to pay registration fees. This is because NSFAS will be making upfront payments to both universities and TVET colleges on behalf of the students.

How Will Nsfas Pay My Registration Fee In 2024/2025

The below points will explain how Nsfas pay for registration fee;

Application and Approval Process:

  • To have your registration fee covered by NSFAS, you must first apply for funding through the online application process. Once your application has been approved, NSFAS will work directly with your institution to cover your registration fees.

Direct Payment to Institutions:

  • NSFAS pays the registration fees directly to the institutions on behalf of eligible students. This means that students do not have to worry about making payments themselves or waiting for reimbursements. The institution will receive the funds from NSFAS and allocate them accordingly to cover the student’s registration fees.

Confirmation of Registration:

  • Once the registration fees have been paid, students must ensure that they have successfully registered for their chosen courses or programs at their institution. This step is crucial, as NSFAS funding is contingent on the student’s enrollment in an approved higher education institution.

Continuation of Funding:

  • As long as students continue to meet the academic requirements and maintain their eligibility for NSFAS funding, the registration fees will be covered for each subsequent academic year.

Contact Details Of Nsfas

  • Telephone: 08000 67327 (toll-free)
  • Email: info@nsfas.org.za
  • Website: www.nsfas.org.za

Hope the information given above has been useful to you, if you have any suggestion kindly leave it at the comment section provided below the post. You can also visit the official website of Nsfas for more details.


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