Nsfas Allowance 2023

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Nsfas Allowance 2023

Nsfas Allowance 2023

The South African government through the Department of Higher Education and training offers support to students in need with a bursary called NSFAS. It is a scheme that subsidizes the financial cost and supports undergraduate students during their tertiary education. Simply, it helps finance an undergraduate education for south African Citizens.


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Most Students question how much their allowances will be. Kindly check the table we have provided below.


NSFAS Allowance Amount

Study Materials (Once Off) R5,200 R5,200
Accommodation (Max) R5,617 (Private)
Living Allowance R15,000 R1,500
Incidental Allowance R2,900 R290
Travel R7,500 R750 (Home)

The following allowances were listed as being covered by the bursary:


Accommodation: Apart from paying tuition, every student needs a comfortable place to dwell while pursuing their education. The allowance system has this addressed, although there isn’t a set amount because of obvious reasons. However, you should be aware that it is exactly the amount the university charges, neither more nor less. Additionally, if it’s a private institution, the price cannot be higher than the price of on-campus housing.


Travel: It’s important to move about since no student will stay somewhere for very long. The allowance mechanism then takes care of this. Students will get R7,500 per year to help with these costs.


Allowance for living expenses:
To exist on Earth, one must spend money. It will also cost money to obtain necessities such as food. As a result, this was correctly accounted for in the allowance system. Beneficiaries will get R15 000 every year

Study Materials: Students must read books since studying is one of their main responsibilities. As a result, under the allowance system, recipients would receive R5200 annually, although it only applies to universities.

Incidental Allowance: This funding, which has been well cared for in the allowance System, is also significant. Beneficiaries will get a personal care allowance of R2900 annually.



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