How nsfas fund unisa students

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How nsfas fund unisa students

How nsfas fund unisa students

How nsfas fund unisa students

Who qualifies for Nsfas at Unisa?

To qualify for Unisa Nsfas, you must

  • be a South African citizen.
  • register at any of the 26 public universities (Unisa) or 50 TVET colleges.
  • come from a family with an income of below R350 000 per annum (combined).


Who does not qualify for Nsfas?

Your NSFAS application will not be considered if you

  • already had NSFAS funding in 2020.
  • have already completed an undergraduate degree/diploma.
  • are not a South African citizen.
  • need funding for a short learning certificate or programme.
  • need funding for a postgraduate qualification, with an exception of the following qualifications:
    • BTech – Architecture / Architectural Technology
    • BTech – Engineering (all disciplines), Cartography, Forestry
    • BTech – Biokinetics, Biomedical Technology, Biotechnology
    • BTech – Chiropractic, Homoeopathy, all Nursing
    • BTech – Clinical or Dental Technology, Emergency Medical Care
    • Postgraduate Certificate in Education
    • Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting
    • LLB


How to check nsfas status at unisa?

If you’re planning to study at the University of South Africa (UNISA) and you’re applying for the NSFAS program, you can check your status by following these steps:

  1. Open the official UNISA website
  2. Input your login details then click on the Submit button
  3. Once you access your account, you can check your status on the site.

It’s important to note that Unisa students don’t get access to Nsfas Wallets. Instead, you would receive your allowances through an Intellicard or through the University of South Africa. This means that you will receive information from your institutions about the allowances.

As a Unisa student, if you receive a letter entitled, “Statement of Account,” don’t panic! Unisa sends these letters to everyone in their system – and that includes students funded by Nsfas. If your status changes, the school will receive your payments. Unisa knows this process as communication occurs between Nsfas and Unisa



How to apply for unisa nsfas

The first step to applying to Unisa Nsfas is creating an account. To create your account,

  1. Go to Nsfas website
  2. Click on ‘MyNSFAS Account’
  3. Register and create your profile.
  4. After successfully creating your account, click on “apply” and follow a quick and easy online application process in the video below.



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