Home Insurance Quote Oklahoma

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Home Insurance Quote Oklahoma

Home Insurance Quote Oklahoma

Home Insurance Quotes and Advice for Oklahoma Residents:

Getting home insurance for a good rate is a priority for many homeowners. Comparison shopping by getting multiple quotes from numerous insurers is a great way to find the coverage you need at the most reasonable cost. This article analyzes the average rates to help you find the best homeowners insurance in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma residents face some of the highest insurance expenses in the nation, primarily due to frequent natural disasters in the state. The average annual cost of home insurance in Oklahoma stands at a substantial $4,053, equivalent to $338 per month. Although not obligatory, home insurance holds significant importance. To secure affordable coverage, it is advisable to compare prices from various insurance companies.

Unlike auto insurance, home insurance rates aren’t determined solely by state. Nevertheless, considerable disparities exist in home insurance rates between states, including Oklahoma. These rates are influenced by factors such as the frequency and expense of home insurance claims within the state, as well as the value of the property and belongings being insured.

Below, you will find a breakdown of the approximate costs of home insurance in Oklahoma. Keep in mind that your rates will vary based on your chosen coverage limits.

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Which Companies Offer The Cheapest Home Insurance In Oklahoma

home insurance rates differ by company, the location of your house, the age of your house etc. Below are some of the companies with the cheapest average annual home insurance rates:

  • American Farmers & Ranchers: $2,967
  • American National Financial: $3,316
  • Farmers: $3,544
  • Allstate: $3,760
  • Oklahoma Farm Bureau: $3,799
  • USAA: $3,852
  • Shelter: $4,426
  • State Farm: $4,642
  • CSAA: $4,653
  • The Hanover: $5,183
  • Travelers: $5,203

Home Insurance Quote In Oklahoma By Coverage Level

Oklahoma’s home insurance premiums vary depending on the chosen coverage levels. Opting for higher coverage can significantly impact your insurance rates. For instance, maintaining dwelling coverage at $100,000 averages $1,744 annually, whereas coverage up to $400,000 can cost as much as $5,222 per year.


  • $100,000 Dwelling $1,744
  • $200,000 Dwelling $2,833
  • $250,000 Dwelling $3,497
  • $400,000 Dwelling $5,222

Factors That Affect The Home Insurance Quote In Oklahoma

Several factors influence your ability to secure affordable homeowners insurance in Oklahoma:

  • Your chosen coverage amount and policy limits
  • The deductible you select
  • The rebuilding cost of your home
  • The construction materials used in your home
  • The fire safety rating of your area
  • The claims history of your area
  • Your individual claims history
  • The fire safety rating of your area (repeated for emphasis)
  • Your credit score

What Does Home Insurance In Oklahoma Cover

A basic home insurance policy, also called an HO-3, protects your house from most problems except for some specific ones listed in the policy. Things like earthquakes, sinkholes, nuclear hazards, normal wear and tear, and power outages are usually not covered.

Your personal belongings are covered for certain bad events listed in the policy. This could include things like tornadoes, fires, theft, explosions, and vandalism. It is a good idea to understand how home insurance works to keep you safe so you can decide how much insurance you need. A standard home insurance policy mainly covers these things:

Dwelling Coverage:

This helps pay for fixing or rebuilding your home if it gets damaged. It also covers structures attached to your home, such as a porch or garage.

Other Structures Coverage:

  • This helps pay for fixing or replacing structures not attached to your home, like a fence or barn.

Personal Property Coverage:

  • This helps pay for fixing or replacing your personal belongings after something happens, such as theft. Your items include things like rugs, jewellery, furniture, kitchen appliances, clothes, and more.

Liability Coverage:

  • This helps pay for damage to property or injuries you accidentally cause to others. For instance, if your child breaks a neighbour’s window with a baseball, liability insurance can cover the cost of the broken glass. It also helps with legal defence, settlements, or court judgments if you’re sued due to an accident.

Medical Payments to Others:

  • This covers small medical expenses for people not living in your home, regardless of who was at fault for the injury. For example, if a guest slips on your icy driveway, this coverage could pay for their urgent care visit. It’s usually sold in small amounts, like $1,000.

Additional Living Expenses:

  • If you can’t stay in your home due to a covered issue (like a tornado), this coverage helps with extra costs such as hotel bills, meals at restaurants, and boarding services for your pets.

 How To Get Home Insurance Quote In Oklahoma

Whether you are buying a home for the first time in Oklahoma or you are a long-standing homeowner considering a switch to another insurance provider, you aim to secure the right coverage at a reasonable price. Here are some tips for shopping for home insurance:

Determine the cost of rebuilding:

  • Your dwelling policy limits are based on the rebuilding cost of your home. Consult your insurance agent or a reputable contractor to estimate this cost, considering materials and labour expenses in your area.

Consider replacement cost coverage:

  • Opt for replacement cost coverage instead of actual cash value, as it will cover the cost of replacing damaged items with new ones rather than their depreciated value.

Ensure high-value items accurately:

  • Some policies have sub-limits for certain items like jewellery. Ensure your possessions are insured for their true value by scheduling personal property.

Obtain adequate liability coverage:

  • Purchase enough liability insurance to safeguard your assets, including your home, savings, and investments.

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Be wary of coverage gaps:

  • Address any gaps in your policy by purchasing additional coverage. For instance, consider adding water backup coverage in case of a sump pump or sewer overflows.

Inquire about discounts:

  • Many insurers offer discounts such as those for home security systems or bundling multiple policies. Ask about available discounts.

Choose a financially stable insurer:

  • Check the financial ratings of potential insurers from reputable sources like A.M. Best and Standard & Poor’s. Some banks may require at least an “A” rating from your insurance company before approving your mortgage.

Obtain multiple quotes:

  • Insurance premiums can vary among providers. Obtain quotes from several insurers to compare prices and find the best coverage for your needs.

Whether you just bought your first home or you’ve been a homeowner for a while and want better insurance, getting the right home insurance in Oklahoma is super important. These tips can help make sure you have enough protection for a good price. You can learn about your policy limits, get enough coverage for accidents, and look into extra options like replacing your stuff if it gets damaged. It’s all about making sure your insurance fits what you need.  Visit the official Website of an INSURER for more details.

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