Online Quote Homeowners Insurance Florida

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Online Quote Homeowners Insurance Florida

Online Quote Homeowners Insurance Florida

How to Obtain an Online Home Insurance Quote in Florida:

The average annual cost for home insurance in Florida stands at $1,405, equivalent to $118 per month. Comparatively, these premium expenses are relatively reasonable when viewed in the context of the national average. However, Floridians incur a 5% higher annual expenditure on home insurance compared to the national average. To secure an affordable homeowners insurance policy in Florida, it is advisable to obtain quotes from multiple insurance providers.

In contrast to car insurance, which is subject to state legislation, homeowners insurance rates are not regulated by state laws. Nevertheless, significant disparities exist in home insurance rates across different states. The pricing of policies is influenced by factors such as the frequency and value of homeowners claims filed within a particular state, as well as the assessed value of the insured belongings and structures.

For further insight into the homeowner’s insurance rates in Florida, refer to the data that will be provided in this article. Alternatively, you can explore this comprehensive guide to the Florida insurance crisis, which offers valuable information on the contributing factors and provides guidance on what steps to take if your Florida home insurance policy has been cancelled.

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Which Insurance Companies Offers The Cheapest Home Insurance In Florida

The rates for home insurance in Florida exhibit significant variability depending on the insurer selected. In Florida, Security First emerges as the most cost-effective option for home insurance, with premiums as low as $535 annually. This rate stands in stark contrast to Florida’s average home insurance cost of $1,450 and notably undercuts the rates offered by the least expensive home insurance companies nationwide.

To facilitate savings, initiate your search for a home insurance policy by examining the most economical home insurance providers in Florida. Subsequently, consult the compilation of home insurers rated highest by consumers for their satisfaction levels.

Below are the companies in Florida that offer the cheapest average home insurance:

  • Security First: $535 average yearly rate in Florida
  • State Farm: $740 average yearly rate in Florida
  • ASI Preferred: $1,333 average yearly rate in Florida
  • Castle Key: $1,351 average yearly rate in Florida
  • Federal: $1,482 average yearly rate in Florida

What Is The Coverage Level Cost For Home Insurance In Florida

The level of home insurance coverage you select directly influences the premiums you are required to pay. In Florida, opting for $100K dwelling coverage (at replacement cost) results in an average annual premium of $813, whereas opting for coverage up to $400K incurs a cost of $2,699 per year. Below is the coverage cost for home insurance in Florida:

  • $100,000 Dwelling: Average Annual Cost – $813
  • $200,000 Dwelling: Average Annual Cost – $1,450
  • $250,000 Dwelling: Average Annual Cost – $1,720
  • $400,000 Dwelling: Average Annual Cost – $2,699

Homeowners Insurance Deductibles For Florida

Florida homeowners encounter several decisions when purchasing a homeowners policy, among them being the selection of their deductible amount.

When deciding on a deductible, it is essential to note that higher deductibles correspond to lower insurance rates. Thus, opting for a higher deductible might be advisable if you aim to secure reduced insurance rates. However, it is important to set your deductible at a level that you can reasonably afford in the event of a loss.


  • $500 Deductible Tier: Average Annual Homeowners Insurance Rate – $1,863
  • $1,000 Deductible Tier: Average Annual Homeowners Insurance Rate – $1,720
  • $1,500 Deductible Tier: Average Annual Homeowners Insurance Rate – $1,702
  • $2,000 Deductible Tier: Average Annual Homeowners Insurance Rate – $1,523
  • $5,000 Deductible Tier: Average Annual Homeowners Insurance Rate – $1,466

Florida Homeowners Insurance Costs By City

Not all cities in the Sunshine State share the same homeowners insurance rates. Property insurance prices may vary based on locally specific factors such as the frequency of local claims, the likelihood of perils such as vandalism and natural disasters, and more, giving significant importance to your ZIP code in determining your insurance costs.

The most economical home insurance in Florida can be found in Hernando Beach. On average, a home insurance policy in Hernando Beach costs Floridians just $1,038 annually, a notable $412 less than the statewide average. The following cities are among the most affordable for home insurance in Florida:

Cheapest Cities for Homeowners Insurance in Florida

  • Hernando Beach: Average 12-Month Home Insurance Rate – $1,038
  • Brookridge: Average 12-Month Home Insurance Rate – $1,043
  • Brooksville: Average 12-Month Home Insurance Rate – $1,047
  • Spring Hill: Average 12-Month Home Insurance Rate – $1,055
  • Flagler Beach: Average 12-Month Home Insurance Rate – $1,069

Ways To Reduce Home Insurance Policy Renewal Costs

After securing a policy, there are additional methods to decrease your insurance premium or counteract increases during renewal:

Maintain Your Roof:

  • Keeping your roof in good condition can lead to lower rates or potential discounts. Newer roofs are less likely to sustain severe damage compared to older ones. A well-maintained roof also helps safeguard your home from extensive damage, benefiting both you and your insurance provider financially.

Maintain Your Credit:

  • Your credit score can impact your home insurance rates. Although there’s no quick fix for repairing poor credit, maintaining a good credit score and working towards improvement over time can be beneficial. Inform your insurance company once your credit has improved, as they may be able to adjust your policy to a better rate upon renewal.

Limit Claims:

  • While insurance is designed to provide financial assistance during significant losses, excessive claims can lead to increased policy costs and potential nonrenewal. Insurance experts recommend only filing claims when necessary and financially unavoidable.

Implement Wind and Flood Mitigation Measures:

  • Investing in wind and flood mitigation updates can result in substantial discounts from your insurer, as required by Florida regulations. Popular measures include installing storm shutters or retrofitting roofs for increased wind resistance.
  • Additionally, FEMA suggests elevating homes above flood levels in flood-prone areas, although this option may not be feasible for all homeowners due to cost constraints.

Challenges in Obtaining Home Insurance in Florida

Securing home insurance coverage in Florida can be challenging due to various factors that may lead insurance companies to deny coverage for a property. These factors can be related to the characteristics of the home or the characteristics of the homeowner. Some potential reasons for denial of home insurance coverage include:

Age of Structure:

  • Older homes with outdated electrical and plumbing systems are deemed to be at higher risk for fire and water losses. Consequently, some insurers in Florida are limiting the sale of home policies to properties less than 40 years old.

Age of Roof:

  • Previously, Florida insurance companies had the authority to deny policies if a home’s roof exceeded 15 years old. However, recent legislative changes now allow homeowners to obtain an inspection verifying that their roof has at least five more years of useful life, potentially enhancing their chances of coverage approval.


  • Homes situated in areas prone to high wind speeds, such as those affected by category one and two hurricanes (with wind speeds ranging from 74 to 110 mph), are more susceptible to costly and recurring wind-related claims. Location-related denial factors may also encompass theft and vandalism rates.

Claim History of the Home:

  • Even if the current homeowner was not responsible for previous claims, a property with a history of claims that fall outside of the insurer’s underwriting guidelines may face denial of coverage.

Claim History of the Homeowners:

  • Homeowners who have filed multiple claims within a short period may be perceived as high-risk individuals by insurers, leading to denial of coverage.

How To Get An Online Quote For Homeowners Insurance In Florida

The following are the procedures for obtaining a home insurance quote online in Florida:

  • Research Reliable Insurance Providers:

Before diving into the quote process, it is important to research and identify reputable insurance providers in Florida. Look for companies with strong financial ratings, positive customer reviews, and a history of reliability. You can start your search by exploring well-known insurance companies such as State Farm, Allstate, or Geico, as well as local insurers with a good reputation.

  • Gather Necessary Information:

To obtain an accurate home insurance quote online, you will need to gather essential information about your property. This includes details such as the square footage of your home, its age, construction materials, safety features (such as smoke detectors and security systems), and any recent renovations or upgrades. Additionally, you’ll need information about your personal belongings and any valuable items you wish to insure.

  • Visit Insurance Company Websites:

Once you have your information ready, visit the websites of insurance companies you are interested in obtaining quotes from. Most insurers offer online quote tools that allow you to input your information and receive an estimate quickly. Make sure to fill out the forms accurately to ensure the quote you receive is as precise as possible.

  • Customize Your Coverage:

When obtaining an online home insurance quote in Florida, you will have the opportunity to customize your coverage based on your specific needs and preferences. Consider factors such as the level of dwelling coverage, personal property coverage, liability protection, and additional endorsements for risks like flood or hurricane damage. Tailoring your coverage ensures you’re adequately protected without overpaying for unnecessary features.

  • Compare Quotes:

After receiving quotes from multiple insurance providers, take the time to compare them carefully. Look beyond the price and consider factors such as coverage limits, deductibles, discounts, and the insurer’s reputation for customer service and claims handling. Remember that the cheapest quote isn’t always the best option if it means sacrificing essential coverage or dealing with subpar customer support.

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  • Review Policy Details:

Before finalizing your decision, thoroughly review the policy details of the insurance quotes you are considering. Pay attention to exclusions, limitations, and any additional terms or conditions that may apply. If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to the insurance company for clarification.

  • Purchase Your Policy:

Once you have chosen the best home insurance policy for your needs, it is time to make your purchase. Most insurance companies allow you to complete the process online, though you may also have the option to speak with an agent if you prefer. Be sure to review the payment options and select a payment method that works best for you.

Obtaining an online home insurance quote in Florida doesn’t have to be a complicated process. By following these steps and conducting thorough research, you can find the right coverage to protect your home and belongings without breaking the bank. Visit the official Websites of an INSURER for more details.

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