Insurance Quote Commercial Vehicle

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Insurance Quote Commercial Vehicle

Insurance Quote Commercial Vehicle 

How to Obtain an Insurance Quote for Your Commercial Vehicle:

If you purchase a vehicle for your company or let an employee use their car for work, your business could face problems if there is an accident. Commercial auto insurance helps cover the costs after an accident, so your company won’t have financial troubles because of it.

You can tailor a commercial auto insurance policy to suit your company’s needs. Since commercial vehicles usually pose more risks than personal ones, having insurance for your business vehicle is essential. There are flexible and cost-effective insurance plans available that cover various industries and vehicles, providing protection against liabilities and lawsuits for your business.

If your business uses a van, car, or truck for work, you will need to get commercial auto insurance. Your local insurance agent can provide options to give you peace of mind if an unexpected commercial auto accident affects your business. This article reviewed complaint data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners for some major business insurers to identify the best commercial auto insurance.

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Companies That Offer the Best Commercial Vehicle Insurance Quotes

There are several companies known for offering competitive commercial vehicle insurance quotes. The best company for you will depend on various factors, including your business’s specific needs, the type of vehicles you use, and your location. Listed below are some well-known companies that often provide competitive commercial vehicle insurance quotes:

  • Acuity A Mutual Insurance Co.
  • Auto-Owners Insurance
  • Axis Insurance
  • Federated Insurance
  • The Hartford
  • Nationwide
  • Sentry
  • AmTrust Financial
  • Old Republic Insurance
  • Travelers
  • USAA
  • Liberty Mutual
  • State Farm
  • Progressive

What Does Commercial Vehicle Insurance Cover

Below is an overview of the coverage options provided by commercial vehicle insurance:

Property Damage Liability:

  • Covers damages to another person’s property, like their vehicle, when you’re at fault in an accident.

Bodily Injury Liability:

  • Pays for injuries you cause to another person when you’re responsible for an accident.

Combined Single Limit (CSL):

  • Provides a single limit for both property damage and bodily injury claims.

Collision Insurance:

  • Covers damages to your business vehicle when it collides with another car or object, such as a pole.

Comprehensive Insurance:

  • Pays for damages from events like weather, fire, falling objects (e.g., tree branches), and also covers vehicle theft.

Medical Payments and Personal Injury Protection (PIP):

  • Covers the cost of medical care for you and your passengers, regardless of fault.

Uninsured Motorist Coverage:

  • Pays for injuries to you and your passengers if your vehicle is hit by an uninsured driver.

Is Commercial Vehicle Insurance Necessary

If you use a vehicle for business activities, you’ll need commercial auto insurance. Your personal car insurance won’t cover accidents that happen while you’re driving for work. Below are situations when you should have a commercial auto insurance policy:

  • The vehicle is used exclusively for business (e.g., a company car).
  • You transport goods or people for work.
  • You carry tools or equipment in your vehicle for business purposes.
  • Your employees drive the business vehicle.
  • The vehicle is owned by the company.
  • You use the vehicle to provide a business service.

How Much Is A Monthly Insurance Quote For A Commercial Vehicle

  • The average monthly cost of commercial auto insurance is $147.
  • Over a third (37%) of Insureon customers pay under $100 per month,
  • Around a quarter (26%) pay between $100 and $200 per month, and 37% pay more than $200 per month for their commercial auto insurance.

What Is The Commercial Vehicle Insurance Quote Requirements

Since the way your business uses vehicles is unique, it’s essential to tailor your commercial auto insurance policy to fit your specific needs. You need to maintain coverage that complies with Texas’s mandatory insurance laws. The minimum coverage limits are:

  • Bodily Injury Liability: $30,000 per person
  • Bodily Injury Liability: $60,000 per accident
  • Property Damage Liability: $25,000 per accident

Texas auto policies include Personal Injury Protection (PIP), which can be declined in writing. Even if you meet the minimum coverage requirements, opting for higher levels of coverage can provide added protection in the event of a significant vehicle accident.

Factors Affecting Insurance Quote For Commercial Vehicle

Below are the factors that influence the cost of commercial auto insurance:

Type of Business:

  • The nature of your business affects the insurance rates. For example, if you mainly operate from an office, you will likely pay less than someone who uses a work van to carry tools and equipment and visits customers regularly.

Vehicle Type:

  • The size and type of company vehicle can impact the insurance rate.

Driving Record Of Driver:

  • Drivers with a clean driving history receive better insurance rates.


  • Operating in a large city usually results in higher commercial auto insurance costs compared to businesses in smaller towns.
  • Areas with lower accident rates and fewer car thefts generally have lower premiums.


  • The amount you typically drive a commercial vehicle can affect the rates.

Coverage Options:

  • Your choice of coverage and insurance limits will also influence your rate.

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Tips To Obtain Insurance Quote For Commercial Vehicle

Below are some tips to help you obtain a commercial vehicle insurance quote from any company:

Gather Information:

Prepare detailed information about your business, vehicles, drivers, and their driving records. This may include:

  • Business name and type
  • Vehicle make, model, and year
  • Vehicle usage (e.g., transporting goods, people, tools)
  • Annual mileage
  • Driver’s license numbers and driving history for all drivers

Choose Your Coverage Needs:

  • Determine the types of coverage you need based on your business operations, risks, and legal requirements.

Contact Insurance Agents or Brokers:

  • Reach out to insurance agents or brokers who can provide you with quotes from multiple insurance companies.
  • Be prepared to provide the information you have gathered.

Request Quotes:

  • Ask for detailed quotes that outline the coverage options, limits, deductibles, and premiums for each policy.

Ask About Discounts:

  • Inquire about available discounts that may apply to your business, such as multi-vehicle discounts, safety features discounts or loyalty discounts.

Compare Quotes:

  • Carefully review and compare the quotes you receive to ensure they meet your coverage needs and budget.

Consider Bundling Policies:

  • If you have other insurance policies for your business (e.g., general liability, property insurance), ask about bundling them together for potential discounts.

Getting an insurance quote for a commercial vehicle is important to keep your business safe from financial risks. Collect details about your needs, check different insurance companies, and compare their prices to find the best coverage at a good price. Ask questions, look for discounts, and check how helpful the customer service is before making a decision. Visit the official Website of an INSURER for more Details.

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