How Much Does A 10KW Solar System Cost In Australia

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How Much Does A 10KW Solar System Cost In Australia

How Much Does A 10KW Solar System Cost In Australia

What You Need to Know About a 10kW Solar System Cost in Australia:

A 10kW solar panel system usually falls in the price range of $9,500 to $12,500. The cost can differ based on your location, the quality of components, and the installation company you choose. Solar rebates also depend on your system’s size and the amount of sunlight your postcode receives.

Investing in 10kW solar systems is beneficial for Australian homes with substantial electricity consumption or small businesses with modest power needs. This article examines the pricing, energy production, and returns of 10kW solar systems in Australia.

The majority of home solar panels generate between 330W to 400W. So, for a 10kW system, you will need around 25-30 solar panels, usually sized at 1.7 meters by 1 meter. This would occupy approximately 80 square meters of roof space. Opting for more efficient solar panels can decrease the necessary roof space, but these usually come at a higher cost due to their use of advanced technologies.

How Much Does A 10KW Solar System Cost In Australia

  •  As of July 2023, the average cost of a 10kW solar system in Australia is approximately $0.96 per watt, totalling around $10,390 after factoring in the federal STC rebate.

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How Much Does A 10KW Solar System Cost In Australia’s Major Cities

Costs of 10kW Solar Systems Across Major Cities in Australia. The following breaks down the average costs for each major state capital in Australia:

  • Adelaide, SA – $9,370
  • Brisbane, QLD – $9,390
  • Canberra, ACT – $8,920
  • Darwin, NT – $14,060
  • Hobart, TAS – $12,390
  • Melbourne, VIC – $8,680
  • Sydney, NSW – $8,180
  • Perth, WA – $9,440

How Much Power Can  A 10KW Solar System Produce

Based on your location, a 10kW solar system can generate anywhere from 35 to 44 kWh of electricity daily. The output from a 10kW system is usually sufficient to power a sizable household with electricity bills of around $1,000 per quarter or offset usage for a fully electric lifestyle. The list below illustrates the electricity production of a 10kW solar system in different Australian locations:

  • Adelaide – 42.0kWh
  • Brisbane – 42.0kWh
  • Melbourne – 36.0kWh
  • Perth – 44.0kWh
  • Sydney – 39.0kWh

The solar output of your system also fluctuates with the seasons, producing less in winter and more in summer. Understanding your seasonal energy needs and comparing them with your system’s expected production can be helpful.

Why Must You Install A 10kW Solar System?

If you are thinking about getting a 10kW solar panel system, you likely fall into one of these categories: you use a lot of energy, you want to power everything (including transportation), or you anticipate increased electricity usage in the future. Below are some reasons why you might choose a 10kW system:

  • Consuming over 30kWh of electricity daily
  • Experiencing high electricity demand during winter
  • Considering adding a battery in the future
  • Intending to power an electric vehicle
  • Planning for increased electricity usage in the future

Storing Energy With A 10kW Solar System Using A Battery

  • The full installation cost for a 10kW solar system with battery storage typically ranges between $20,000 and $26,000.
  • Although the solar panels on your roof may have a lifespan of 25 years, it’s important to note that the battery will need replacement after ten years.


  • Including a battery in a 10kW system could be economically advantageous if you face substantial electricity bills.
  • The 10kW system is expected to generate sufficient power to meet your daytime electricity requirements and also charge a 10kWh battery for later nighttime usage.

How Many Panels Are In A 10kW Solar System

  • A 10kW system usually comprises 23 to 30 panels, occupying an area ranging from 38m2 to 52m2.
  • Opting for higher-quality panels reduces the quantity needed, as these panels are more efficient.

Getting a 10kW solar system in Australia is a good way to make a lot of energy and save money. The total cost depends on things like where you are, the quality of the parts, and if you want extras like a battery. Even though you have to spend money at the beginning, a well-made 10kW solar system can be a smart choice for saving money and helping the environment, especially if you use a lot of energy or plan to use more in the future. Visit the Official WEBSITE for more details.

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