Home Insurance Quote Georgia

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Home Insurance Quote Georgia

Home Insurance Quote Georgia

How to Compare Home Insurance Quotes in Georgia:

In Georgia, people usually spend around $1,761 each year for home insurance with $250,000 coverage. This is a bit less than the average cost nationwide, which is $1,759 per year. The cost of home insurance can be different in each state, especially in the Southeast. For instance, homeowners in Florida pay more, about $1,968 on average per year. Alabama and Tennessee are also pricier than Georgia, with average rates of $2,085 and $2,176, respectively.

Most people consider the cost as the main thing when choosing home insurance. Your premium, which is what you pay, can be higher or lower than the average in Georgia based on factors like your home’s age, size, and past incidents. Comparing rates, the kind of coverage, and discounts can help you find the best insurance that gives good protection at the lowest cost.

Choosing the right home insurance in Georgia is important to safeguarding your home, which might be your biggest investment ever. Whether you are getting your first Georgia homeowners insurance or have had several before, it can be tricky to find coverage that suits your needs and budget. This article throws more light on home insurance

Insurers With The Cheapest Insurance Quote In Georgia

Below are the cheapest home insurance companies in Georgia, according to the average rate data from Quadrant Information Services:


  • Monthly premium for $250k coverage: $90
  • Annual premium for $250k coverage: $1,084
  • Savings vs state avg. for $250k coverage: -$677

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ASI Progressive:

  • Monthly premium for $250k coverage: $91
  • Annual premium for $250k coverage: $1,086
  • Savings vs state avg. for $250k coverage: -$675


  • Monthly premium for $250k coverage: $102
  • Annual premium for $250k coverage: $1,225
  • Savings vs state avg. for $250k coverage: -$536


  • Monthly premium for $250k coverage: $104
  • Annual premium for $250k coverage: $1,247
  • Savings vs state avg. for $250k coverage: -$514


  • Monthly premium for $250k coverage: $105
  • Annual premium for $250k coverage: $1,266
  • Savings vs state avg. for $250k coverage: -$495

How Much Is Home Insurance Quote In Georgia

The average annual expenditure for homeowners insurance in Georgia, with $250,000 in dwelling coverage, stands at $1,761, slightly below the national annual average of $1,759. Home insurance costs fluctuate across states, particularly in the Southeast. For instance, Florida residents pay an average of $1,968 annually for similar coverage, while Alabama and Tennessee homeowners face higher expenses, with average rates of $2,085 and $2,176, respectively:


  • $150K: $998
  • $250K: $1,424
  • $350K: $1,877
  • $450K: $2,343


  • $150K: $1,273
  • $250K: $2,016
  • $350K: $2,654
  • $450K: $3,252


  • $150K: $868
  • $250K: $1,084
  • $350K: $1,335
  • $450K: $1,610

State Farm:

  • $150K: $1,446
  • $250K: $2,048
  • $350K: $2,506
  • $450K: $3,099

Country Financial:

  • $150K: $2,049
  • $250K: $2,801
  • $350K: $3,563
  • $450K: $4,417

What Does Home Insurance In Georgia Cover

The Standard home insurance called an HO-3 policy, covers most issues that can happen to your house, except for certain things like wear and tear, neglect, nuclear accidents, power outages, and infestations by birds, pests, or insects.
Your personal belongings, like furniture and clothes, are protected against specific problems in a home insurance policy. This includes things like theft, fire, tornadoes, vandalism, and explosions.

Before you choose how much home insurance to get, it is important to understand the different types of coverage and how they work together to keep you safe. A standard home insurance policy includes these main types of coverage:


  • This pays to fix or rebuild your home and anything attached to it (like a garage or deck) if it’s damaged in a covered event.

Other structures:

  • This covers repairs or replacements for things like a shed, fence, or barn that aren’t attached to your home.

Personal Property:

  • This covers the cost to repair or replace your personal belongings, such as furniture and appliances, if they are damaged or stolen.


  • This covers accidental damage or injuries you cause to other people or their property. For example, if someone gets hurt on your property, this can help cover their medical bills and legal costs if they sue you.

Medical payments to others:

  • This helps pay for minor medical expenses for people who are injured on your property, regardless of who’s at fault.

Additional living expenses:

  • If your home becomes uninhabitable due to a covered event, like a tornado, this coverage can help pay for temporary living expenses, such as hotel stays and meals.

What Is The Average Home Insurance Quote in Georgia

Based on findings, the expense for homeowners insurance among the companies evaluated in Georgia falls within the range of $2,000 to $3,000 annually. This estimate is calculated based on a dwelling coverage of $300,000 and liability protection of $100,000.

However, the cost of homeowners insurance can vary due to several factors:

The age and location of your home:

  • Certain areas are prone to higher risks, and older homes generally incur higher insurance costs compared to newer ones.

The types and levels of coverage you opt for:

  • Increasing coverage limits for your dwelling, other structures, liability, and personal property can lead to higher premiums.

Your credit history:

  • Many insurance providers conduct a soft credit check during policy underwriting. Negative marks on your credit report, such as recent bankruptcies, may result in increased premiums.

Your personal claims history:

  • If you have filed an insurance claim within the past three to five years, you can expect to pay higher premiums.

The insurance claims history of the property being insured:

  • If the property’s seller has filed a home insurance claim in the preceding three to five years, it can influence your premiums.

These factors can significantly impact the cost of homeowners insurance. In regions where property values are higher, such as Georgia, the average annual premium for $500,000 in dwelling coverage can surpass $4,500.

Tips To Consider When Buying A Home Insurance In Georgia

Whether you are in the market for your first home or considering a change in your home insurance provider, it’s important to secure a policy that offers both affordability and comprehensive coverage. Here are some guidelines tailored for both new homeowners and those who have owned homes for some time:

Determine Rebuilding Costs:

  • Reach out to contractors or your insurance agent to estimate the expenses involved in rebuilding your home, including materials and labour. Ensure that your dwelling coverage amount matches or exceeds this estimated cost.

Assess Liability Coverage Needs:

  • Select a coverage amount that aligns with the value of your assets, which could be at risk in a legal dispute. Experts often recommend a minimum of $300,000 in liability coverage.

Consider Additional Coverage for Valuable Items:

  • If you possess high-value items such as jewellery, antiques, or specialized equipment, contemplate adding scheduled personal property coverage to protect these valuable possessions.

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Understand Replacement Cost vs. Actual Cash Value:

  • Opt for replacement cost coverage for your home and belongings, which provides reimbursement for replacing items with new ones, rather than actual cash value, which factors in depreciation.

Address Coverage Gaps:

  • Some insurers offer supplementary coverage options for issues not covered by standard policies. For instance, consider add-ons like water or sewer backup coverage, or premium landscape coverage for protection against damage to trees, shrubs, or flowers.

Seek out Discounts:

  • Inquire with your agent about potential discounts for which you qualify. Discounts may be available for home safety systems or for bundling multiple policies, such as home and auto, with the same insurer.

Research Financial Ratings:

  • Investigate the financial strength ratings provided by reputable entities like A.M. Best or Standard & Poor’s. Some mortgage lenders may require a minimum “A” financial strength rating from your insurer.

Compare Quotes:

  • Obtain quotes from multiple insurance companies to ensure you are receiving the best possible value. Prices for homeowners policies with identical coverage can vary significantly across insurers, so conducting thorough research is essential in securing a favourable deal.

Acquiring home insurance quotes in Georgia requires thoughtful examination of numerous elements including reconstruction expenses, liability coverage requirements, supplementary coverage possibilities, and available discounts. Through the comparison of quotes from multiple insurance providers and a deep understanding of diverse coverage options, homeowners can effectively obtain extensive protection at a reasonable cost. Visit the official Website of an INSURER for more details.

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