Box Truck Insurance Quote

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Box Truck Insurance Quote

Box Truck Insurance Quote

Exploring Additional Coverages in Box Truck Insurance Quotes:

Box truck insurance is a type of insurance specifically designed for box trucks. A box truck, also known as a cube truck, straight truck, or box van is a vehicle characterized by a cargo area separate from the cab. These trucks are commonly used in transporting goods and cargo. Box truck insurance provides coverage to protect businesses that use these vehicles for commercial purposes.

Once an agent gathers information about your driving history, business details, and required coverages, they can provide an accurate quote or estimate for your insurance. However, before initiating this conversation, it is wise to know the industry averages. This knowledge ensures you can assess whether the proposed insurance rate aligns with fair market standards.

For a business operating a single box truck with a clean three-year history and no reported accidents, the annual cost for box truck liability insurance falls within the range of $ 3, or to $ 5,000. New businesses might incur slightly higher costs than the established average.

What Is The Monthly Box Truck Insurance Quote

The monthly costs for various types of box truck insurance are as follows:

  • Commercial insurance for a box truck is $416.66,
  • a general liability policy is $25,
  • cargo insurance amounts to $145.83,
  • physical damage coverage is $191.66, and
  • workers’ compensation is $250.

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Factors That Affect Box Truck Insurance Quote

Below are some key factors that affect the box truck insurance quotes:

The Box Truck Type:

Box trucks come in various types, and the insurance rates for each can vary. The type of truck you operate or own plays a pivotal role in determining the cost of coverage. Below are examples of different box vans and their corresponding insurance rates:

16 Foot Box Truck Insurance Cost:

  • The insurance quote for a 16-foot box truck ranges from $216 per month to $820 per month. This extensive range is due to the type of coverage and provider one goes for. The monthly insurance rates will also differ based on 1st liability cover or comprehensive cover.

26 Foot Box Truck Insurance Cost:

  • The insurance cost for a 26ft box truck starts from $231 per month and can go up to $946 per month. The coverage chosen will play a significant role in deciding the monthly insurance premium.

Weight Of Your Box Truck:

The insurance cost for your box truck is influenced by its size and weight, as a heavier vehicle can potentially cause more damage in the event of an accident. It is important to note the weight classifications for box trucks (Class 3-7), which range from 12,500 to 33,000 pounds. These classifications correspond to the following box truck sizes:

  • Light-duty box trucks (Classes 1, 2, and 3) have a box length of 12′ to 14′.
  • Medium-duty box trucks (Classes 4, 5, and 6) feature box lengths ranging from 16′ to 18′.
  • Heavy-duty box trucks (Classes 7 and 8) have larger box lengths, typically spanning from 24′ to 26′.

Value Of Your Box Truck:

The value of your truck is influenced by three key factors: age, cost, and model:


  • The age of the truck is associated with the mileage it has accumulated. Older trucks generally incur higher insurance costs due to an increased likelihood of requiring repairs and being involved in accidents compared to newer models.


  • For used but newer model box trucks, the average cost ranges from $12,100 to $24,560. Box trucks that are two years old or less may cost between $30,150 and $41,230.
  • On the other hand, a delivery truck aged six to ten years, with a width of twelve feet, can be as affordable as $1,676.

Vehicle Identification Number:

When reaching out to an agent to inquire about insurance, they will request the V.I.N (Vehicle Identification Number).
Once armed with this information, the agent can furnish you with an accurate insurance quote for your box truck.

As the owner, identifying the V.I.N. is straightforward as long as you know where to search. For heavy-duty trucks, the V.I.N. can be located in several areas, including the side door frame on the driver’s side (adjacent to the company logo), the front frame rail, on top of the sun visor, or even inside the glove box.

In the event you are unable to locate the V.I.N., the insurance agent may ask you for the following details:

  • Year of manufacturing
  • Year of purchase
  • Make and model of the truck
  • G.V.W.R. (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating)

The Number Of Box Trucks You Have:

The quantity of box trucks you own is another determinant influencing your insurance expenses. Having a single truck generally results in lower insurance costs compared to owning multiple trucks. Insurers perceive a fleet of trucks as a heightened risk, as the likelihood of any one of them being involved in an accident increases.

It is worth noting that this consideration may not apply to new trucking business owners, as they typically start with only one truck.

Your Business Location And Distance Travelled:

Consider the impact of your business location and the distance travelled on your box truck insurance cost.


The geographical location of your business is a substantial determinant of your box truck insurance cost. Typically, urban areas tend to incur higher insurance expenses compared to rural areas due to elevated risks.

Numerous studies emphasize the increased risk of accidents and theft in urban settings. Consequently, if your business operates in an urban area, anticipate higher insurance costs compared to a business situated in a rural area.


Likewise, the distance you cover with your box truck plays a crucial role in determining your insurance costs. Using your vehicle solely for local deliveries is likely to result in lower insurance expenses compared to employing it for long-distance hauls.

When your routes extend across state boundaries, it becomes imperative to incorporate a commercial trucking insurance policy that provides coverage across all the states of operation. This comprehensive coverage is generally more expensive than a policy limited to a single state.

Types Of Risks You Want Covered:

While basic box truck insurance policies provide coverage for the most common risks, such as property damage and injury liability (injuries or damage to someone else or someone else’s property caused by your box truck), there are additional risks that you may want to consider covering.

To determine the suitable additional coverage for your business, consulting with personal injury lawyers is recommended. They can help you assess your specific needs and potential risks.

In the realm of box truck insurance, businesses often opt for various additional coverages to enhance their policies, which include:

Comprehensive Damage Policy:

  • Covers risks like fire, theft, vandalism, and other incidents.
  • Cost: $436

Collision Policy:

  • Provides coverage for damages to your box truck and other property resulting from a collision.
  • Cost: $184

Cargo Insurance Policy:

  • Protects against loss or damage to your transported cargo.
  • Cost: $123

Non-Trucking Liability:

  • Covers injuries or damages caused while using your box truck for non-business purposes.
  • Cost: $123

Getting the right box truck insurance quote is more than just getting basic coverage for damage and injuries. Because driving box trucks comes with different risks, it’s important to think about extra protections. Talking to personal injury lawyers can help businesses figure out what they need and the risks they might face, making sure they have a complete and personalized insurance plan. Whether it is coverage for damage, collisions, cargo, or non-trucking situations, each extra protection helps keep businesses safe from unexpected events in the ever-changing world of transportation. Visist this WEBSITE for more details.

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