Artificial Lawn Installation Costs In Australia

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Artificial Lawn Installation Costs In Australia

Artificial Lawn Installation Costs In Australia

Artificial Lawn Installation Costs and Considerations in Australia:

Once you have decided to go for artificial lawn instead of natural grass, you might be thinking and wondering about the cost that will be involved. Keeping your backyard or garden in a nice-looking form is all about finding a balance between how beautiful it will look and your budget. In Australia, the average cost of installing a square meter artificial lawn ranges between $220 and $320 which includes supply, delivery and installation.

The actual price of an artificial lawn installation depends on multiple factors including the area, size of your garden,  lawn or backyard, the quality of the lawn, and the charges involved in the installation process. Costs for artificial lawns may range from $50 upwards if you happen to choose an average or mid-quality product. But the costs for installation may go as high as $300 for a quality artificial lawn.

Australia has seen rapid growth in the usage of artificial lawns in homes, businesses, pitches etc. The results on lawn installation companies offering turf cost per square meter for artificial grass in Australia are overwhelming when in search. This article provides the costs of installing an artificial lawn in a home, garden and in your backyard.

What Is The Costs Of Artificial Lawn Installation In Australia

The cost to put in regular-quality artificial lawn or grass usually ranges from $40 to $75 on average. However, if you are looking for really good quality artificial grass and want professionals to supply, deliver, and install it, the cost can be as high as $300. The price for synthetic grass varies based on what you need. It can depend on things like whether you want shorter or taller grass, how easy it is to get to your area, the condition of your space, and how much work needs to be done before installation.

Factors Influencing The Artificial Lawn Installation Costs In Australia

The last price you get for putting in fake grass depends on three main things:

The Size of Your Lawn:

  • How big your lawn or backyard is will determine how much artificial grass you need for the installation. If you have a larger space, the cost will be higher because artificial grass prices in Australia are based on the cost per square metre.

The Quality of the Grass:

  • Artificial grass comes in different types based on materials, colours, density, blade shapes, and technology. The cost depends on the quality you choose, so if you want better-quality grass, it will mean a higher installation cost.

Soil Preparation Work:

  • Before putting down the fake grass, the soil needs some preparation work, like digging, levelling, and sometimes removing materials such as soil, real grass, or pavers.

Installation Charges:

  • While you can try installing artificial grass yourself, it is recommended to go with professionals for a perfect look. The charges will vary depending on the company or vendor you choose.

Procedures For Installing Artificial Lawns in Australia

How to Lay Artificial Grass is as follows:

Prepare the Ground:

  • Before putting down the fake grass, get the area ready. Remove anything covering the ground like rocks, dirt, or old grass. Make sure the ground is flat and smooth.

Create a Base:

  • Artificial grass goes on top of a base made of crushed rock and crusher dust. Use a garden rake to spread this base over the lawn area. The base should be 80-100 mm deep.

Compact the Ground:

  • After spreading the base, make sure the ground is level and firm. Sprinkle some water and use a power compactor to press and level the ground well. This step makes the surface flat and hard.

Roll Out the Grass:

  • Once the site is ready, it’s time to lay down the artificial grass. Roll out the grass carefully and cut it to fit perfectly. Use a sharp knife for smooth edges. Lay the grass in the same direction for a good look.

Secure the Grass:

  • After laying the grass, secure it in place. Use pegs or flathead nails to fix it to the ground at regular intervals. If you need to join two pieces, use adhesive glue, binding tape, and pins to keep them in place against foot traffic.

Add Sand:

  • Pour some white sand over the artificial turf for the finishing touch. Adding 10-15 kilograms of sand per square meter is recommended. Spread the sand evenly with a broom or power brush for a solid feel when walking on the grass. It also helps with drainage and keeps the grass standing longer.

In Australia, how much it costs to install artificial lawns depends on things like how big the area is, the quality of the grass you pick, what you need to do to prepare the soil, and the charges for professional installation. Finding the right balance between how it looks and how much it costs is crucial for homeowners who want to improve their outdoor spaces with fake grass. Visit this WEBSITE for more details.

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