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  1. boniwe

    afternoon. I want to change the funding year that was 2021 to 2022

  2. Janika

    I like to appeal my application at NSFAS.

    I do not earn more than R350 000 per year as per year as that is the reason given for my application not successful

  3. Mabontle

    Good day i would like to appeal my NSFAS rejection
    My annual income does not surpass R350k which is the response i got for my application being unsuccessful.

  4. Jadin Lee Mitchell

    APPLICATION REFERENCE: OAC1202112023022839 – Mr Jadin Lee Mitchell wishes to re-appeal as the annual income does not surpass R350k as this is the response received from NSFAS.

    The option to re-appeal online is not available.

    Please assist.

  5. I H Pretorius

    Urgently help your reason for declining my funding just does not make sense

    Your reason academic result
    I have 5 Subject 4 distinction and 2 lower 70

    How do you get to you conclusion and this in my 3rd year

  6. Zanele Mbambo

    Good day,
    I would like to appeal for nsfas funding, but i dont seem to see the submit button the correspondence is talking about.
    REASON: Income greater than R350 000 is not accurate my guardian earns less than the stipulated income.

    Please assist.

  7. Sihle

    Good afternoon.

    Please assist. I would like to appeal for NSAFAS 2022, and I do not have the appeal button on my NSFAS account. How do I go about appealing?

    Please advise.

  8. Iriscia Makhalimela

    I want to appeal for NSFAS they haven’t respond

  9. Lungiswa

    I can’t track my nsfas funding status I’m a returning student does that mean my funding for 2022 is not successful i should appeal?

  10. Kholosa Zitumane

    Please assist me apply for an appeal. I do not ready 350k pm. I an accepted in 2 universities abs need funding

  11. Kholosa Zitumane

    Please assist me to apply for an appeal. I do not get 350 per month, which is the reason for the rejection. I have been accepted in 2 universities and I need finding to registration. Please assist

  12. Ncumisa

    My daughter apply on the 4th of November online.spplication go perfect until January it csme unsuccessful because of Household income of more than R350 thousand. Of which its not true.my dsughter get maintainance support from Magistrate and me get R350 relief grant.pls help she wants to commit suicide

  13. Bachelor of Commerce

    Nsfas, I personally feel that there was a major booboo with your systems, evidently. Inability to track our progress for the past week displays deficiencies to the newly updated system. Your Twitter page went dead for a week leaving students in despair. We need to appeal, help us with this and open our appeal tabs. 01.02.2022.

  14. Eliza

    Good day i would like to appeal my NSFAS rejection
    My annual income does not surpass R350k which is the response i got for my application being unsuccessful.

  15. Amahle

    There is no appeal tab for one to submit . The response that parents earn more than R300 000 is not correct hence O submitted all the evidence. Kindly assist

  16. Mlusi

    Hi I am a returning student that has been funded by Nsfas since 2018, my funding has been rejected and they have not given me a reason as to why. It says that my status is null, and the reason for rejection is N/A.

  17. Lindokuhle Mnisi

    Good day
    I’m requesting tge appeal form, ive been searching for it since i received my rejection, wich does not make sense, as i don’t have income tbat is above R350 000.

    I’m urgently in need of the appeal form.

  18. Lindokuhle Mnisi

    Good day
    I’m requesting the appeal form, ive been searching for it since i received my rejection, wich does not make sense, as i don’t have income that is above R350 000.

    I’m urgently in need of the appeal form. I’ve been accepted by the university and I am supposed to start on the 14th of this month. Please help me out NSFAS, you are my last hope

  19. Berry Mbokane

    i have received my module books during
    lockdown level 5 when the pandemic start ed,I was funded by nfasas , the problem was that we were not allowed to come to school because of pandemic, or to antend class ,we were allowed to use laptop’s or smartphone to attend classes, unfortunately I didn’t have dose equipment to do school work because I’m nfsas student i could not afford dose equipment please nfsas I need you’re help

  20. Sandile Zuma

    I would like to appeal because I don’t earn more than 350 000 and I did submitted my payslip as proof . My application was unsuccessful because you said I earn more. I tried to log on with fail to appeal and I’m scared cause the closing date is near.

  21. Siyanda Nxumalo

    I would like to appeal since my application was unsuccessful because I deregistered without 2021 results. I tried to log in but it keeps on failing and now my account is locked.

  22. Zinhle Mahlangu

    I would like to appeal about my nsfas application because it is said that the annual income is R350 000 which is not true but everytime i try to login to my portal, I cannot see the appeal section and also my application status has disappeared, so now i am worried as the closing date for the appeal is near.

  23. Nompumelelo Makhabane

    Having a problem as the appeal tab to be submitted could not be found

  24. Lutho Mtemba

    Good morning , Mynsfas status say the application is unsuccessful reason missing documents, I want to appeal to appeal but I can’t find the submit appeal option on my portal.

  25. Vuvu

    I made my application on Nov the 04th…and my application is now unsuccessful wth the reason tht state i hv mossing documents off wch whn am tryng to check wat are those documents i cnt get thrgh and also i tryd to make n appeal thrs no option tht gvs me tht still please advice wat do i do

  26. Peter

    Good day, I am a first year registered student seeking funding from NSFAS, somehow my applications were unsuccessful due to unknown reasons. As I track my application progress, nothing shows except for contact details, not even the appeal button.Please help me, I am already registered at a tertiary institution, my classes begin tomorrow, I do not know what to do.

  27. J.Basson

    I’m an inmate. The prison’s automated telephone prevents me from even calling NSFAS directly. Management at education centre’s incompetence is the reason my application was unsuccessful (incomplete documents). I updated the incomplete documents and appealed. Automated response email of NSFAS stipulates dates of 2019 etc…

    Is applicationreview@nsfas really the correct address?
    I’m really stressed!!!

  28. Sibulele Moses

    If your application has a N+2 rule, is there any possibility to appeal?

  29. Sbonelo

    Nsfas failed us this year, Mr Minister please explain this metter of being wrongfully rejected by nsfas

  30. Masnoena

    My daughter Bilqees Maged a financial business student at the College of Cape Town @ City Campus started the 28th February 2022. She is doing N4 to N6 Financial Management course. She was also rejected because of a R350k income which is incorrect. Her father was retrenched 2years ago during covid and i am unemployed. We receive a Sassa grant for her 2 siblings. She however did appeal and could ONLY load her fathers retrechment letter. She is struggling to get into her Nsfas account to check out come and im not sure if its the Nsfas portal that a problem . Can you please kindly assist or is it best to come to your offices and appeal there.

  31. Ellen

    NSFAS is playing with our kids, I am not earning more R350 000. Now we are trying to appeal the server is always unavailable. NSFAS managements should just admit that the have spend the money on themselves and their kids. Now the funds are no longer available this is a disgrace. Nelson Mandela initiative has gone in vain. How can the offices be in Cape town what about other provinces can I drive from Pretoria to Cape. I feel sorry for this and coming generations

  32. Wandile

    Guys if you’re no longer funded because you exceeded the N+2 rule is there any chance you can appeal

  33. Matthew Marc Williams

    Can’t get into my portal. When I phone, it’s always high volume.
    Income lower than 350000.
    Plse help, what must we do.
    ID no. 0309195348086

  34. Shonisani mauda

    Last year I don’t funded becouse I fail so can I do appeal

  35. Prudence

    Last year I didn’t funder because I fall so can I do appeal

  36. Prudence

    Can I email my documents because I can’t see the space of appeal

  37. Prudy

    I want to appeal but at mynsfas account the is no button of appeal so want can I do please help me

  38. Anathi

    Please help me my nsfas portal there is no ticks at all up to the end, but in that part say status “Application in Progress ” but through the steps no ticks at all, I want to know the reason why, now I don’t know what to do, i have admitted to a tvet college doing Nated in financial management
    My ID number: 980220 6271 082
    Cell Number: 078 146 0950
    Please talk to me people i bag of you please.

  39. MPHO


  40. Vuyokazi

    Please help i want to appeal my rejection reason says N+rule enrollment. But when i appeal this reason is not stated in the form

  41. Rendani Mbidhli

    The appeal link does not appear on my portal,
    Can you please assist me with that. I sent an email for appealing using the ApplicationReview@nsfas.org.za
    And they have not sent me an acknowledgment email, so I am not sure if they received my email.

    Can you please assist me

  42. Nwajuly

    Nsfas is not fair how can government punish children like this? The N rule doesn’t make sense. How on earth can you count the years you were not funding a student? It’s not fair.Please review the N rule is demoralizing us as well as killing our children. You were funding someone because he/she is poor then suddenly you reject him/her. Then you say then can appeal after they sent an appeal you reject.This is painful.It comes to my mind that you don’t care with what happens to them, obviously they will dropout ithers left with depression.Just imagine rejecting a final year student who was doing well not failing at all that he/she no longer funded.Just 1 year?Because of N rule?And what worries is that some of the years you weren’t funding.Why are you counting those years you were funding?

  43. Nomfundo

    I want to send my appeal documents but i can’t access to my nsfas

  44. Tashrieq Abduarahman

    Hi please reply I have had a unsuccessful application stating that financially I do not qualify which is definitely not true !
    I have gone into your Cape Town branch but no one seemed to be able to help
    I am at a loss if you could please assist ASAP

  45. Thato

    I am wrongfully rejected due to N-rule. Please can Nsfas help out because i have been logging in trying to find an appeal option and i cant find any. What should i do for my application to be reconsidered
    ID. 9103071259082

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